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Copyright: Dolls made by international Doll Artist Maureen Martin.

Teddy bears are part of Mrs Martins private collection.

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Hints & Tips


Always buy extra sheets in case you make a mistake! As in real wallpaper the shade of another batch may vary For a dollshouse intended as an heirloom - it's a good idea to retain some for future years in case of damage! Best to overestimate your needs particularly if the wallpaper has a repeat pattern.



Use correct paste – we do stock a dollshouse wallpaper adhesive specially formulated for dolls house wallpaper. This is guaranteed to contain no fungicides, therefore is compatible with copper electrical wiring tape. It is non acidic and safe for long term use. Should you prefer paste containing a fungicide, do cover all wiring cut ends and nail connections with masking tape as it reacts with metal.


We also stock “YES” Glue. This is favoured by serious American miniaturists as the ideal paste type glue for dollshouse wallpaper because it's specially formulated so that it will not cause the wallpaper to wrinkle. As it is not water-based it is also popular for hanging heavier type wallpapers currently fashionable. The consistency is thick and smooth flowing with low odour, transparent, permanently flexible and easy to clean up. It is solvent free and relatively non–toxic. Its thick consistency means it can be watered down to meet other requirements such as dollhouse flooring. It works well on all bonding of paper to other materials including wood, metal and glass. Shipping charges are standard and beyond our control.


For awkward areas - take a piece of card stock – similar thickness to that used for birthday cards. Measure and cut to exact size of the awkward wall. Paste paper to card and allow to dry. Apply to wall using glue or double sided tape.


Apply wallpaper after ceiling has been painted or papered. If you can’t remove doors and window fittings ensure that the woodwork has been painted or varnished.


When a wallpaper has an obvious or dominant central pattern it is advisable to start by centring the paper on a chimney breast or on the central point of the main wall to give it symmetry. Arrange the joining up point where the mismatch is least obtrusive, usually the corner of the room furthest away from this focal point.


Pasted paper will stretch so that bubbles may appear. Wipe once lightly with damp cloth, as the paper dries and shrinks you will find the bubbles disappear.


Place wallpaper over door and window openings. When its dry, cut out openings with a sharp blade or X-acto knife. Now is the time for installation of unattached doors and windows.


Remember to leave a gap between paper and ceiling to apply border and moulding. Also leave a gap at the base for skirting boards to be glued to wooden walls.


Next apply finished moulding and skirting boards, add suitable border where necessary. Finally enjoy the fruits of your labour!



Instructions are copyright of Dolls House Wallpaper 2003

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